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Get valuable resources that can help facilitate your business entry into Malaysia.

Slide Presentation – Webinar : One Stop Centre (OSC) For Business Travellers

Guidelines for Business Travellers

Process Flow of Entry Permission Application (MYEntry)

  • Short-Term Business Travellers
  • Long-Term Business Travellers

Letter of Undertaking (LoU) and Indemnity – For Short Term Business Travellers *Note: To submit signed copy when applying for Entry Permission Approval*

Letter of Undertaking (LoU) and Indemnity for Person Under Surveillance (PUS) – For Long Term Business Travellers

Sample of Detailed Itinerary

List of Accredited Hospitals/Clinics and Laboratories for COVID-19 Test

Brief Facts on the University Malaya Medical Centre (UMMC)

Checklist for Short-term Business Travellers

Checklist for Long-term Business Travellers

Health Declaration Form from the Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Template of pre-departure travel memo on PCR COVID-19 test result 

List of Designated Premium Hotels for Long Term Business Travellers (under NADMA)

MYEntry User Manual (Short Term Business Travellers)

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