Business travellers seeking to leverage on the Fast Lane option needs to undergo and bear the cost of a health screening test and provide the following documents at the immigration checkpoint upon arrival in Malaysia:

1. Entry Permission Approval

  • The Entry Permission Approval can be applied via MyEntry. Decision will be available within 3 working days of completed application and all necessary documents. You may check your status here. Applicants will need to prepare and provide the following documents for the approval of the Entry Permission:

a. Invitation letter

  • Business Travellers are required to obtain a letter of support or an invitation letter from a Government Ministry/Agency or any company registered in Malaysia.

b. Detailed Itinerary

  • The applicant must pre-declare their itinerary which will be closely monitored. This will include transport arrangements, accommodation, meeting venues, and other related details.
  • The business traveller (or group of business traveller) will be accompanied by a Government-assigned Liaison Officer throughout their itinerary.
  • Applicants are encouraged to use the prescribed itinerary sample. Download Itinerary Sample

c. Confirmed Return Ticket

  • A confirmed return ticket is compulsory. An open return ticket will not be accepted.

d. Valid Passport

  • The business traveller must possess a valid and active passport for at least 6 months.

2. Single Entry Visa

  • The approved business traveller can proceed to apply for a single-entry visa for travel to Malaysia through the usual channel.

3. PCR Covid-19 Test Result

  • Prior to travelling to Malaysia, approved business travellers are required to take the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test within 72 hours before departure and obtain a certificate of having tested negative for Covid-19. The applicant will bear the cost of the pre-departure PCR test. 
  • They should also monitor their health status and defer travel if feeling unwell, and should not travel out of their origin country in the entirety of the 7 days prior to departure. 

4. Letter of Undertaking and Indemnity (LOU)

  • Travellers are required to complete and sign a letter of undertaking and indemnity. You may download the document here. Download LOU

Additional Notes:

  • Printed copies in A4 size paper of all documents listed here are required to be in English and will be submitted at the Immigration Checkpoint. 
  • Applications can consist of multiple Business Travellers within the same itinerary. 
  • Business travellers are required to download and use the MySejahtera app for the duration of their stay. If a traveller does not have a MySejahtera-compatible device, the host company or government agency shall provide one to the business traveller at cost.
  • All costs involved are borne completely by the business traveller.

Arrival & Stay

Business travellers can expect the following facilitation and measures to take place upon your arrival and stay in Malaysia:

1. Arrival Gate

  • Upon disembarking the plane, business travellers will be greeted by a liaison officer at their arrival gate who will accompany them for their health screening, border entry and up to the arrival hall.
  • In line with the standard public health guidelines, protective face mask or covering are enforced at all public spaces.

2. Health Screening: Covid-19 Test

  • Business travellers will be required to undergo a health inspection and screening at the international gate, in accordance to the processes by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The business traveller will bear the fees for the tests carried out. More information can be found at here
  • If found positive, the business traveller will be required to follow the current National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) processes.

3. Business Travellers Centre & Business Lounge

  • While waiting for the test results, which is expected to take between 3 – 24 hours, business travellers can wait comfortably at the Business Travellers Centre or allocated Business Lounge.
  • At the Business Travellers Centre, the Liaison Officers will assist business travellers to screen and verify the necessary documents to allow faster facilitation at the Immigration Checkpoint later.
  • The Business Travellers Centre team can also help you with the installation and registration of the ‘MySejahtera’ application.
  • For more information on the Business Travellers Centre, click here.

4. Negative Covid-19 Test Results Received

  • Once you have received a negative test result, the Liaison Officer will usher you to the dedicated Fast Lane at the Immigration Checkpoint for clearance.

5. Immigration Checkpoint, Collection of Baggage and Customs Check

  • Please ensure all necessary documents are ready.
  • Following the immigration checkpoint, the business traveller will proceed with the usual collection of baggage and customs check and clearance.

6. Arrival and Stay

  • At the Arrival Hall, the business traveller will be introduced to another Government-assigned Liaison Officer who will assist and accompany the business traveller throughout their stay in Malaysia, in accordance with the pre-declared itinerary. 
  • The traveller is strictly confined to movement in their pre-declared itinerary and is prohibited from public transport and other e-hailing options, with the exception of pre-arranged transport by the company or Government agency.
  • Where the traveller is unable to abide by the pre-declared itinerary for any reason, they must ensure that any deviations are crucial and kept to a minimum. Such deviations are required to be reported in advance.
  • The cost of the traveller’s accommodation, logistics arrangements and liaison services will be borne by the business traveller/host company.
  • For the duration of the stay, the traveller must abide by the public health protocols and regulations as outlined by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.


Prior to departure, business travellers are required to take the RTK-Ag Test within three days of departure date. More information can be found here.